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product number / KU4SSUSWT01

"BROTHERS" Leather Heavy Weight Sweat 24SS

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  • KYOUの定番アイテムとして継続展開していくヘビーウェイトスウェットはデザイナーが幼少期に大きく影響を受けた実兄と同じ洋服を色違いで購入し、シェアしていた経験から”BROTHERS”の名称となった。







    The name "BROTHERS" comes from the designer's childhood experience of buying the same clothes in different colors and sharing them with his own brother, who had a great influence on him.
    This season, the leather collar has been changed to genuine washable leather, and the garments are washed in the production process so that they do not shrink after washing after purchase.

    A new color, MINT, is available as a seasonal color.

    The body sweatshirt fabric has also been changed, and while the texture and thickness remain the same, it is knitted into a pile like a towel to create a comfortable, airy, lined fabric.

    The zipper is an EXCELLA® zip, a brand staple item that offers a mismatch of old-fashioned and luxurious feel.




    SIZE 0(U) 着丈 64cm /肩幅 52cm / バスト116㎝ / 袖丈58.5㎝



    SIZE 1 着丈 68.5cm /肩幅 67cm / バスト124㎝ / 袖丈61.5㎝


    SIZE 2 着丈 72cm /肩幅 70cm / バスト130㎝ / 袖丈62.5㎝




    RIB:Cotton 100%
    LEATHER:Cow Leather

2024 Spring Summer