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"GINGKO" Shaggy Pile Paneling Turtle Neck Sweat

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  • インサイドアウト(表裏ひっくり返し)の手法を取り入れたタートルネックのスウェット”GINGKO"は背面にイチョウのフリンジ刺繍とRIVER PHOENIXが残した言葉【I WOULD NEVER NEVER DO ANYTHING UNLESS I BELIEVE IT】を打ち込んだバックスタイルに特徴のあるオーバーサイズスウェット。






    綾目のデニム調のNAVYと、ヴィンテージをイメージし たOATMEALの2色展開。


    JOURNAL"GINGKO" Shaggy Pile Paneling Turtle Neck Sweat




    GINGKO" is a turtleneck sweatshirt that incorporates the inside-out (inside out) technique, with fringe embroidery of a ginkgo on the back and the words "I WOULD NEVER NEVER DO ANYTHING UNLESS I BELIEVE IT" left by RIVER PHOENIX. BELIEVE IT] on the back of this oversized sweatshirt.


    The back of the sweatshirt is laminated with a shaggy raised fabric, and the double-faced inner lining is used.

    This easy-care sweatshirt has excellent heat retention properties and can be washed and dried. The double-ribbed sleeves have a damaged finish on the upper side, and the hem ribs are accented with slits.


    Stitching is also done from the front with a swing 3-needle stitch to improve the skin contact of the seam allowance at the seam points.

    Two colors are available: Navy with a twill denim look and OATMEAL with a vintage look.




    SIZE 0(U) 着丈 65cm /肩幅 57cm / バスト58㎝ / 袖丈58㎝



    SIZE 1 着丈 70cm /肩幅 67cm / バスト63㎝ / 袖丈61㎝


    SIZE 2 着丈 73cm /肩幅 70cm / バスト66㎝ / 袖丈62㎝





2024 Spring Summer