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"HIDE" Type 3rd by 80s Reproduced Denim

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  • デザイナーの友人がスリフトストアで購入した3rdのリーバイスの衿をおもむろにカットして着用していた思い出を着想源とした"HIDE"はインサイドアウト(表裏ひっくり返し)の手法を取り入れた大胆な切替が特徴。





    Levis 3rdをベースにフロントZIPでの着用に加えボタンでの着用も可能な2WAY仕様。加えてデニムジャケット特有の腕周りの動きづらさを解消するアクションプリーツを採用。






    Inspired by the memory of a designer friend of the designer who cut the collar of a 3rd pair of Levi's he bought at a thrift store and wore it, "HIDE" features a bold switch that incorporates an inside-out (inside out) technique.


    The fabric is a reproduction of the "Hachimaru" type produced by Levi's in the late 80's when the company shifted from red ears to earless ears.


    This denim fabric is a material that matches the concept of the collection and the background of the times, and has a grainy feel due to the processing and is easy to get a bite.

    Based on the Levis 3rd, this jacket can be worn with the front zip or with the buttons. In addition, action pleats are used to eliminate the difficulty of movement around the arms that is characteristic of denim jackets.


    The pattern was designed to provide a comfortable fit that is hard to believe for a 14.8 oz. denim jacket. The original neobar buttons are also an accent.




    SIZE 0(U) 着丈 56.5cm /肩幅 45cm / バスト100-107㎝ / 袖丈58㎝



    SIZE 2 着丈 63cm /肩幅 49cm / バスト111-118㎝ / 袖丈63.5㎝





2024 Spring Summer

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