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"JAZZYⅡ" Flower Printed Trousers

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  • KYOUのテーラードラインに新たに登場するダブルブレストジャケットスタイル”JAZZY Ⅱ”は、父親が着る肩幅の合わないオーバーサイズのジャケットスタイルから構想を経たセットアップスタイル。




    ブランドの姿勢ともいえるメッセージを込めているオリジナルのロゴ入りマーベルトにはRIVER PHOENIXが残した言葉【I WOULD NEVER NEVER DO ANYTHING
    UNLESS I BELIEVE IT】を採用している。




    The "JAZZY II" double-breasted jacket style, a new addition to KYOU's tailored line, is a set-up style conceived from the oversized jacket style worn by fathers with ill-fitting shoulders.

    The fabric is a seasonal textile that is woven, printed with a floral pattern, and overdyed by hand.

    Contrary to its appearance, the material has a dry and soft touch and can be worn in all seasons.

    Designed with [KYOU]'s interpretation of American tailoring and produced at a factory specializing in tailored garments in Japan.

    The marbelt with the original logo, which carries a message that can be said to be the attitude of the brand, has the words "I WOULD NEVER NEVER NEVER DO ANYTHING" left by RIVER PHOENIX on it.
    UNLESS I BELIEVE IT] is used.




    SIZE 1 ウエスト 84cm / ヒップ 104cm / 股上 27.5㎝ / 股下 75㎝ / ワタリ 36.8㎝ / 裾幅 23㎝


    SIZE 2 ウエスト 87cm / ヒップ 107cm / 股上 28㎝ / 股下 75㎝ / ワタリ 37.5㎝ / 裾幅 23.5㎝




    FACE:Cotton 100%

2024 Spring Summer

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