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"JUDE" IN THE WOODS Standard by 80s Reproduced Denim

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  • KYOUを代表するアイテムと言っても過言ではない”JUDE"は生前のリバーフェニックスが着用していたデニムをイメージしたKYOU 定番のテーパードデニムに毎シーズンのコンセプトモチーフを刺繍で表現している。



    今シーズンはデザイナーがメイン州で過ごした時間で見た彩り豊かな紅葉・植物にテーマでもあるソロー著The Maine Woodsに繰り返し登場するシャクナゲの花・メイン州に群生する松かさをモチーフに定番のフリンジ刺繍で表現した。











    It is no exaggeration to say that "JUDE" is a representative item of KYOU. The concept motif of each season is expressed by embroidery on KYOU's standard tapered denim with the image of the denim worn by River Phoenix before his death.

    The fabric is a reproduction of the "Hachimaru" type, which was produced by Levi's in the late 80's, when the company shifted from red to earmarked denim.


    This season, the designer used the standard fringe embroidery motif of rhododendron flowers and Maine pine needles that repeatedly appear in The Maine Woods by Thoreau, which is the theme of the colorful autumn leaves and plants seen during the designer's time spent in Maine.


    Thoreau's words in his book, "A taste for the beautiful is best cultivated in the open air," are embellished with a written logo.


    The new lineup includes the addition of size 3 this season, bringing the total to 4 sizes from 0 to 3.

    The collection is now available in four sizes, from 0 to 3.




    SIZE 0(U) ウエスト 75cm /ヒップ 98.5cm / 股上 27.5㎝ / 股下 66㎝ / ワタリ 30.5㎝ / 裾幅 17.8㎝



    SIZE 1 ウエスト 80cm /ヒップ 103.5cm / 股上 28.5㎝ / 股下 69㎝ / ワタリ 32㎝ / 裾幅 18.3㎝



    SIZE 2 ウエスト 85cm /ヒップ 108.5cm / 股上 29.5㎝ / 股下 70㎝ / ワタリ 33.5㎝ / 裾幅 18.8㎝



    SIZE 3 ウエスト 90cm /ヒップ 113.5cm / 股上 30.5㎝ / 股下 71㎝ / ワタリ 35㎝ / 裾幅 19.3㎝




    FACE:Cotton 100%

2024 Spring Summer