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JUDE" WITH ABSTRACT Standard by 80s Reproduced Denim

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  • River Phoenixを着想源に生前の彼が着用していたデニムをイメージしたKYOU定番のテーパードデニム【JUDE】生地にはリーバイス社が赤耳から耳なしに移行した80年代後半に生産された通称【ハチマル】のタイプをリプロダクトした生地を採用。









    JOURNAL 「Back to 2013 Vol.4」はコチラ




    KYOU's standard tapered denim [JUDE], inspired by the denim worn by River Phoenix before his death, is made of a reproduction of the "Hachimaru" type denim produced by Levi's in the late 80s, when the company shifted from red ears to earless ears.


    This denim fabric is a material that matches the concept of the collection and the background of the times, and has a grainy feel due to the processing, and is easy to get a bite.

    This season, the motifs used in the original graphic prints are used and raised embroidery is applied.


    The embroidery threads are cut and raised by hand and brushed to reproduce the flow of hair.

    It is characterized by its ability to express gradation and blurring.




    SIZE 0(U) ウエスト 75cm /ヒップ 98.5cm / 股上 24㎝ / 股下 66㎝ / ワタリ 30.5㎝ / 裾幅 17.8㎝



    SIZE 1 ウエスト 80cm /ヒップ 104cm / 股上 25㎝ / 股下 69㎝ / ワタリ 32㎝ / 裾幅 18.3㎝



    SIZE 2 ウエスト 85cm /ヒップ 109cm / 股上 26㎝ / 股下 70㎝ / ワタリ 33.5㎝ / 裾幅 18.8㎝





    FACE:Cotton 100%

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