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"JUDE" WITH WHEAT Standard by 80s Reproduced Denim

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  • KYOUを代表するアイテムと言っても過言ではない”JUDE"は生前のリバーフェニックスが着用していたデニムをイメージしたKYOU 定番のテーパードデニムに毎シーズンのコンセプトモチーフを刺繍で表現している。






    この製品は刺繍加工後に、製品加工を施しているため 刺繍の風合い、デニムの表情には個体差があります。 デニム製品の特性としてご理解をお願いします。





    It is no exaggeration to say that "JUDE" is a representative item of KYOU. The concept motif of each season is expressed by embroidery on KYOU's standard tapered denim with the image of the denim worn by River Phoenix before his death.

    The fabric is a reproduction of the "Hachimaru" type, which was produced by Levi's in the late 80's, when the company shifted from red-ear to earless denim.

    This denim fabric is a material that matches the concept of the collection and the background of the times, and has a grainy feel due to the processing, and is easy to get a bite.

    This season, 13 colors of yarn are used to express the gradation of wheat ears, grains, and color boundaries, inspired by the wheat fields that were burned into my eyes on a road trip.

    The delicacy of plants and life is expressed in the fringe. When the yarn on the reverse side is cut off, the yarn on the front side is designed so that it will not come loose or unravel.
    A new color, washed black, is also available.




    SIZE 0(U) ウエスト 75cm /ヒップ 98.5cm / 股上 24㎝ / 股下 66㎝ / ワタリ 30.5㎝ / 裾幅 17.8㎝



    SIZE 1 ウエスト 80cm /ヒップ 104cm / 股上 25㎝ / 股下 69㎝ / ワタリ 32㎝ / 裾幅 18.3㎝



    SIZE 2 ウエスト 85cm /ヒップ 109cm / 股上 26㎝ / 股下 70㎝ / ワタリ 33.5㎝ / 裾幅 18.8㎝





    FACE:Cotton 100%

2024 Spring Summer