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product number / KU3FWUCOT01

"PHOENIX" Shaggy Wool Layered Multi Way Coat

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  • KYOUを象徴するシグネチャーアイテムの一つ定番のダブルスリーブコート"PHOENIX"はFILSONのダブルスリーブマッキノウコートの二重袖からインスパイアされた。

    アイテム名のPHOENIXはデザイナー自身のアイデンティティに大きく影響を与えたRIVER PHOENIX をイメージしてデザインしたことから取り入れている。










    SSシーズンよりより生地の厚みや、袖の設計を変更しパターンに微修正をかけよりオーバーコート感を強調するサイジングとなっている。 メインの生地には毛足のあるシャギーウールを使用。



    JOURNAL"PHOENIX" Double Sleeve Coat




    One of KYOU's signature items, the classic double-sleeved coat "PHOENIX" was inspired by the double sleeves of FILSON's double-sleeved mackinaw coat.

    The item name "PHOENIX" was inspired by RIVER PHOENIX, which greatly influenced the designer's own identity.

    The collection is available in two sizes, men's and unisex.

    For the FW season, the body of the garment has been made detachable, expanding the range of ways it can be worn.

    When the upper body is detached, it can be worn as a coat with a switched color scheme in an "inside-out" design. It can also be worn with the detached body only, allowing you to wear it in your favorite style.

    The pattern has been slightly modified by changing the thickness of the fabric and the sleeve design from the SS season to give it a more overcoat-like sizing. The main fabric is made of shaggy wool.

    The main fabric is made of shaggy wool, with a vintage-inspired nylon twill fabric with a textured texture used for the transition.




    SIZE 0(U) 着丈 11cm / バスト124㎝ / 袖丈69.3/75.3㎝



    SIZE 2 着丈 123cm / バスト132㎝ / 袖丈74.5/80.5㎝





    FACE:Wool 60%/Acryl 19%/Polyester 15%/Nylon 4%/Rayon 2% OTHER FABRIC:Nylon 100% LINING:Polyester 100%

2024 Spring Summer