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product number / KU4FWMPNT04

”LUMBERJACK" Patchwork by 80's Reproduced Denim

消費税込み |
  • KYOU定番の80s Reproduced Denimをベースに3種類のデニム・ヘリンボーン生地を使用しリメイク風のパッチワーク加工を施した”LUMBERJACK"













    LUMBERJACK" with remake-style patchwork processing using three types of denim and herringbone fabrics based on KYOU's standard 80s reproduced denim.

    The patchwork is made of three different types of denim and herringbone fabrics, with the patchwork stitchwork shining through, and the way the stitching appears and appears differs depending on the processing.

    The exquisite bite that is produced by the difference in shrinkage rate was designed with the image of a denim shirt that lives in the forest, is repaired, and is used repeatedly and carefully.

    The side zip closure allows for easy opening and closing.
    This item can be worn in a wide range of sizes, either oversized or true to size, depending on your size choice.

    Can be worn as a set-up with the "KAARA" made of the same material.




    SIZE 0(U) ウエスト 78cm /ヒップ 101cm / 股上 24㎝ / 股下 67㎝ / ワタリ 33.5㎝ / 裾幅 23.5㎝



    SIZE 1 ウエスト 83cm /ヒップ 106cm / 股上 25㎝ / 股下 70㎝ / ワタリ 35㎝ / 裾幅 24㎝



    SIZE 2 ウエスト 88cm /ヒップ 111cm / 股上 26㎝ / 股下 71㎝ / ワタリ 36.5㎝ / 裾幅 24.5㎝





    FACE:Cotton 100%

2024 Spring Summer